About us

RB Moda was born in 1993 from the idea of Renato Bisogno, a craftsman of Cava de' Tirreni.
From nearly 60 years RB Moda produces sandals, shoes and accessories for men, women and children, by transmitting to three generations this art, that becomes, compared to the contemporary industrial production, the real capital of a company, entirely Made in Italy.

That’s the main reason why RB Moda can still live, thanks to the exclusivity of its handmade items, and by pandering the new fashion trends without neglecting the big classics, as its shoes Moda Positano and Moda Capri.

The experience, the study and the research in the choice of materials, totally assembled by hand, are the elements that guarantee the high quality and the exclusivity of its handcraft production.

RB Moda is sandals, shoes, footwear, slippers, accessories, bags, boots, ankle boots, sneakers, all completely hand-made and made in Italy. The special Positano and Capri sea fashion shoes, for men and women, boys and girls, make unique its style.

RB Moda is owner and sole distributor of the brands Renato L'artgiano and Anna Palù.

RB Moda is history, culture, tradition, craftsmanship, quality, research, study, originality and evolution.

RB Moda means "real passion" for Made in Italy.

Renato l'artigiano